Bagh-e Bala

Bagh-e Babur in Kabul Afghanistan

Bagh-e Babur (the Babur garden) -Kabul Afghanistan

Afghanistan is full of ancient civilization and historical areas, though it has not been stable and at peace for the last decades. However, the war demolished some of those areas, while some historical sites, such as Babur Garden in Kabul, still exist. Today, I will write a little about the Bagh-e Babur (Babur Garden). If you are interested, read to the end. Related:  another historical place in Kabul...

Bagh-e Bala Kabul Afghanistan

About Bagh-e Bala -Kabul Afghanistan

Have you ever thought about a beautiful place with fresh weather to visit on holiday? If you are living in Kabul or staying in Kabul temporarily to proceed with your administration work, then I strongly suggest you visit Bagh-e Bala. In addition to different types of trees, such as Vineyards and tall pines, the Intercontinental restaurant (one of the most famous restaurant) also exist on that hilltop. If...

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