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Implementation Date: 9 Dec 2019

This website”www.maskanyab.af” is owned and operated by the Maskanyab team.

Here, the terms “you” and “your” refer to whoever browses, uses, and accesses the Masknayab website, we, site, us, our, refer to Maskanyab.af

These Terms and Conditions specify your use of this website and any content, listing, and material on the website, and comprises these Terms and Conditions and disclaimers available on the website.

By accessing the website, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you must cease accessing and using the website immediately.

You must warrant that you are at least 18 years old by accessing this website.

Services By the Website

Maskanyab is an electronic and online platform that enables you to post, find, and search properties in Afghanistan. It is an online real estate portal which primarily acts as a linking bridge between property owners and customers. Maskanyab team has the right to approve, reject, and modify the properties that you post on the website. Remember that we do not act as your agent, nor do we receive any commission for any deal facilitated through the use of the website.

Maskanyab’s Commitment to You

We are committed to trying our best to provide you the best services, but we do not guarantee:

  1. Your continuous access to the website. The website might sometimes go down due to any technical reasons such as hardware problems, server downtime, etc.
  2. We do not warrant that the contents of this website are accurate, complete, and update. So, please contact the registrar through the contact information provided with the contents to ensure yourself about the availability, completeness, and accuracy of the contents.

Your protection is our top priority, and we always try to provide you a secure and free of virus environment. But, due to some possible hacks and attacks, it is hard to claim that the website is free of viruses. So, we highly recommend you to safeguard your devices against viruses before downloading images from the website.

Your Commitment to Maskanyab Website if you are a property owner

While using the services we provide you, you must:

  1. Ensure the correctness and availability of the property if you register a new one. You must not post an out of date and fake material on the site.
  2. Ensure that the properties you post on Maskanyab must comply with the policies set out by the Maskanyab team.
  3. Ensure the accuracy and availability of your contact information. Please, note that it is the primary necessity to include your contact information with the materials you post on the Maskanyab website.
  4. Indicate the exact and accurate location of the property.
  5. . Your listing description and photo must not include any Marketing Information (company name, logo, hyperlink, etc.), whether as a text or watermark.
  6. Agree with the collection of personal information according to our Privacy Policy.

Minimum Information Required for the Property

Below are the minimum information that you must include with your new properties.

  1. Image: While registering a new property on the website, you must attach a minimum of three pictures of the property to illustrate it better. There is no limitation for the max number of images you attach, and you can attach as many as you think are helpful for the illustration.
  2. Address: It is of primary necessity for our content to contain the location details. Please be as specific as possible about the location.
  3. Contact information: You must include the contact information of the property owner. Please note that it ensures the reality of the property and helps the customers to reach you for further details.
  4. Status: Select the status of your property from the categories to let the customers know whether it is for sale, rent, or any other purposes.
  5. Type: Select the property type (building, house, apartment, land, etc.).
  6. Price: Enter the approximate or exact price of the property, and do not forget to choose the currency.
  7. Be specific about the number of floor(s), bedroom(s), bathroom(s), kitchen(s), salon(s), balcony(s), and other features.
  8. Note that the lists above are the minimum information. We recommend you to include more detail if you think they help the customers.


Information on this website is posted by property owners to facilitate the property deals for the property owner and property customer. However, it does not mean that the information on the website is accurate, without false information. Using the website should at the users discretion.

Maskanyab does not take any responsibility if any damage or loss may happen for using the website or dealing with the information available on this website.

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