About Bagh-e Bala -Kabul Afghanistan

Bagh-e Bala Kabul Afghanistan

Have you ever thought about a beautiful place with fresh weather to visit on holiday? If you are living in Kabul or staying in Kabul temporarily to proceed with your administration work, then I strongly suggest you visit Bagh-e Bala. In addition to different types of trees, such as Vineyards and tall pines, the Intercontinental restaurant (one of the most famous restaurant) also exist on that hilltop. If you want to know further about the Bagh-e Bala, continue reading till the end. I will write about this spectacular place in Afghanistan in the following paragraphs.

About Bagh-e Bala in Kabul

Bagh-e Bala is a beautiful and historical area in Kabul. And it is located on a hilltop in the north of Kabul city. The hilltop that houses the Intercontinental Hotel and Bagh-e Bala palace is also called ‘Bam-e Kabul.’ If you go there, you won’t only love nature but will also face a spectacular view of Kabul city.

Similar to Darul Aman palace, Bagh-e Bala also has seen many ups and downs in Afghanistan’s history since its construction. According to historians, Amir Abdur Rahman built the palace between 1880 and 1901. And he made it their kingdom palace, and later, he died and was buried at the same palace. When Amanullah khan came to power, he used it as a guesthouse. Moreover, Sometime between 1918 and 1924, the palace was also used as a national museum.

Due to the poor irrigation system, most trees around the hill dried, and the palace remained desolate for years. When the Qargha dam was constructed, once again, the Bam-e Kabul area or Bagh-e Bala flourished, and its palace was renovated. After that, its name changed to Bagh-e Bala Restaurant.

Today, hundreds of nature and history lovers visit this area. You can find many traditional and open restaurants around the hill. Additionally, lots of people provide their living expenses by peddling to visitors.


Bagh-e Bala is a historical place with a dazzling view on a hilltop nearby the Karta Parwan, Kabul. Beside the Bagh-e Bala palace, the famous Intercontinental restaurant and a sacred place are also located on the top of the hill that attracts more visitors.

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