Shah Do Shamshera Mosque - Kabul Afghanistan

Shah Do Shamshera Mosque – Kabul Afghanistan

You may have heard about Shah Do Shamshera Mosque already. A holy place which is located in the center of Kabul, Afghanistan. Shah Do Shamshera mosque, with two domes, has a history of hundred years. I will write a little about this historical mosque in the following paragraphs. Shah Do Shamshera mosque is in a crowded place in Kabul. If you visit the place (especially on Friday), you see lots of...

Bagh-e Babur in Kabul Afghanistan

Bagh-e Babur (the Babur garden) -Kabul Afghanistan

Afghanistan is full of ancient civilization and historical areas, though it has not been stable and at peace for the last decades. However, the war demolished some of those areas, while some historical sites, such as Babur Garden in Kabul, still exist. Today, I will write a little about the Bagh-e Babur (Babur Garden). If you are interested, read to the end. Related:  another historical place in Kabul...

Bagh-e Bala Kabul Afghanistan

About Bagh-e Bala -Kabul Afghanistan

Have you ever thought about a beautiful place with fresh weather to visit on holiday? If you are living in Kabul or staying in Kabul temporarily to proceed with your administration work, then I strongly suggest you visit Bagh-e Bala. In addition to different types of trees, such as Vineyards and tall pines, the Intercontinental restaurant (one of the most famous restaurant) also exist on that hilltop. If...

Ziarat-e Sakhi-Kabul Afghanistan

Ziarat-e Sakhi (Sakhi Shrine) -Kabul Afghanistan

A few years ago, when I came to Kabul, the Ziarat-e Sakhi was the first place I visited. The place was crowded: children were playing, families were relaxing or praying, and a few boys and girls were photographing. And if you get curious to know the history behind this place. Or why Afghans think this is a holy place; continue reading till the end. I will write about this famous area in the following...

Darul Aman Palace in Kabul

Darul Aman Palace in Kabul (1920 to 2022)

If you have ever passed the Darul Aman road in Kabul, I am sure you have seen a beautiful palace on a hilltop. The palace has seen the ups and downs of Afghanistan's recent history. Have you wondered what this palace is for and who built it? In the following paragraphs, I have decided to write a little about the Darul Aman Palace, so tune with me till the end. Related: Find your dream house on Darul...

The most expensive house in the world

The top most expensive houses in the world (2022)

If you are looking for your dream house, suddenly you may think about what and where the most pricy homes in the world are. And who possesses those houses? I was also curious to know the world's most expensive luxury houses. That's why I searched and collected information and came to know; let's share it with you guys as well. When talking about the most expensive houses, your mind should not go towards...

Most expensive cities in the world

The most expensive cities in the world to live in (2022)

The most expensive cities in the world to live in (2022) Have you ever thought of migrating to another country? If you are also living in a dictator country, or you live in a country with a bad economic or political situation, in such cases, I am sure your answer is yes. If you want to leave your home country and find a better place to live, the first thing you consider will be the cost of living for...

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