Nuristan Province: spectacular area of Afghanistan

Nuristan Province on Afghanistan

If you are watching Television, or using Social Media you have seen eye-catching pictures and videos of Nuristan Province in Afghanistan. Pictures that persuade you to think about traveling to this beautiful province.

Nuristan is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan located in the eastern part of the country. The Nuristan province has Seven to Eight districts.

According to the local authorities, the number of tourists has increased, since this province was introduced as a national park by the National Unity Government.

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The beautiful nature in Nuristan is combined with forests, mountains, green valleys, and beautiful rivers. Various types of trees such as arches, Jalghuzeh, Najo, and Cypress trees have created a beautiful natural landscape in this place and is considered one of the most spectacular areas of Afghanistan. You can see some spectacular views of the province through the below images.

Note: these pictures have been collected from social media.

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