Ziarat-e Sakhi (Sakhi Shrine) -Kabul Afghanistan

Ziarat-e Sakhi-Kabul Afghanistan

A few years ago, when I came to Kabul, the Ziarat-e Sakhi was the first place I visited. The place was crowded: children were playing, families were relaxing or praying, and a few boys and girls were photographing. And if you get curious to know the history behind this place. Or why Afghans think this is a holy place; continue reading till the end. I will write about this famous area in the following paragraphs.

Ziarat-e Sakhi Shah Marden (Sakhi Shrine) is one of the holy places in Kabul located in Karte Sakhi. This sacred place is surrounded by Television mount from the East, Kabul University and Ali Abad Hospital from the west, and Salaam Hill from the south. Hundreds of people come to this place for a picnic or a pilgrimage every day (especially on Friday).

Ziarat-e Sakhi History

The religious site dates back to the Ahmad Shah Abdali duration. According to stories, a cloak (Kerka Sharif), which belongs to Prophet Mohammad, was in Faiz Abad Badakhshan. According to the king’s order, the cloak must be brought to Kandahar. When Sufis (those who were carrying the cloak) were bringing the cloak, they stayed for a few days in Karte Sakhi, Kabul. (The current place of the Ziarat-e Sakhi). According to history, the Sufis dreamed of Hazrat-e Ali (The fourth caliph of Muslims and the first Imam of Shiites) praying, for two nights in a row. When the Sufis talked about their dream with the king, he ordered to build of a shrine in that area and called it Ziarat-e Sakhi Shah Mardan.

Furthermore, when king Amanullah Khan proclaimed Afghanistan’s independents from the United Kingdom in 1919, his mother, Hayat Begom, built another dome next to the previous one. And later, a religious leader, Mir Sayed Ali Ahmad Hujjat, built more domes for it. The six domes shrine covers about 10,000 square meters of land, has three exit ways, and has a big yard.

If you visit the Ziarat-e Sakhi, you will notice graveyards around the shrine. Those graveyards contain famous persons, including Sayed Ali Ahmad Hujjat and Hayat Begon.

You can read more about this place on the Kabul Municipality Website.


If you come to Kabul, I strongly suggest visiting this religious place because you will not only get a fresh view but also visit a crowd from various parts of Afghanistan.

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