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Shah Do Shamshera Mosque - Kabul Afghanistan

Shah Do Shamshera Mosque – Kabul Afghanistan

You may have heard about Shah Do Shamshera Mosque already. A holy place which is located in the...
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Bagh-e Babur in Kabul Afghanistan

Bagh-e Babur (the Babur garden) -Kabul Afghanistan

Afghanistan is full of ancient civilization and historical areas, though it has not been stable and...
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Bagh-e Bala Kabul Afghanistan

About Bagh-e Bala -Kabul Afghanistan

Have you ever thought about a beautiful place with fresh weather to visit on holiday? If you are...
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Ziarat-e Sakhi-Kabul Afghanistan

Ziarat-e Sakhi (Sakhi Shrine) -Kabul Afghanistan

A few years ago, when I came to Kabul, the Ziarat-e Sakhi was the first place I visited. The place...
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